seattle’s best coffee review

seattle's best coffee review

Finding the best of the best in a city full of great coffee is challenging. But never fear! We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of Seattle’s best coffee shops. These cafes have covered you whether you’re looking for a great cup of joe to start your day or a cozy place to curl up with a book. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of Seattle’s finest.

Seattle’s Best Coffee

There are many great coffee shops in Seattle, but which is the best? I have compiled a list of my top five favorite coffee shops in Seattle based on the quality of coffee, atmosphere, and service.

1. Victrola Coffee Roasters: Victrola is a local roaster with several locations around the city. The coffee is consistently excellent, and the staff is always friendly and happy to chat with customers. There’s also a good selection of pastries if you’re looking for a snack.

2. Caffe Vita: Caffe Vita is another local roaster in several Seattle locations. The coffee is excellent, and the atmosphere in the shops is always warm and inviting. The staff is also amicable and knowledgeable about their product.

3. Starbucks Reserve Roastery: The Starbucks Reserve Roastery is a must-visit for any coffee lover visiting Seattle. This massive space houses a cafe, bakery, store, and cocktail bar. The coffee here is some of the best you’ll find from Starbucks, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

4. Blue Bottle Coffee: Blue Bottle Coffee is a chain with roots in California that has recently expanded to Seattle. The coffee here is fantastic, and the shop has a relaxed, minimalist vibe. The staff is always friendly and helpful, making it a great place to get your caffeine fix.

5. Allrecipes Cafe: Allrecipes

The Different Types of Seattle’s Best Coffee

There are three different types of Seattle’s Best Coffee: the original, the decaf, and the flavored. The original is a dark roast coffee with a strong flavor. The decaf is a lighter roast coffee that is less bitter. The flavored coffees are made with natural flavoring syrups and have no sugar added.

The Pros and Cons of Seattle’s Best Coffee

Assuming you would like a pros and cons list for Seattle’s Best Coffee: 


-high-quality coffee beans 

-options for decaf and flavored coffees 

-good customer service 


-coffee is on the expensive side 

-limited number of locations

What Foods to Eat with Seattle’s Best Coffee?

Regarding Seattle’s Best Coffee, you should keep a few things in mind when choosing what foods to pair with your cup of joe. First, since Seattle’s Best is known for its smooth and mellow flavor profile, you’ll want to avoid anything too heavy or overpowering. Second, because Seattle’s Best coffee is on the darker side, you’ll want to steer clear of sweets that could make your coffee taste bitter.

With those guidelines in mind, here are a few ideas for what foods to eat with Seattle’s Best Coffee:

-A light breakfast sandwich or bagel with cream cheese

-Omelette or scrambled eggs

-A grilled salmon or chicken salad for lunch

-For dinner, try roasted veggies or a simple pasta dish

-Pair your coffee with a fruit pie or cake for dessert

Recipes with Seattle’s Best Coffee

Whether you’re a coffee lover or just looking for a unique Seattle souvenir, Seattle’s Best Coffee is the perfect place to start your search. This local roaster is located in Pike Place Market and has been in business since 1970. In addition to whole beans and grounds, they offer a variety of coffee-based drinks and baked goods.

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, try one of their iced coffees or frappes. The Mocha Frappe is made with chocolate syrup, espresso, milk, and ice and topped with whipped cream. Try the Horchata Latte, made with their cinnamon sugar coffee, milk, and ice, for something different. If you want to take some coffee home, their packaged ground coffees come in various flavors, including hazelnut and vanilla.

Looking for a tasty treat? Their line of Artisan Baked Goods includes scones, cookies, muffins, and biscotti, all made with Seattle’s Best Coffee. The Cinnamon Crumble Scone is a customer favorite and perfect for Fall weather. If you need something to drink with your scone (or any time of day), they also offer a variety of hot and cold drinks, including teas, hot chocolate, and even beer on tap!

seattle’s best coffee review

Alternatives to Seattle’s Best Coffee

There are many ways to get your caffeine fix in Seattle. While Seattle’s Best Coffee is famous, plenty of other options are available.

If you’re looking for something different from Seattle’s Best Coffee, try one of these alternatives:

-Caffe Vita

– Victrola Coffee Roasters

– Stumptown Coffee Roasters

– Herkimer Coffee

– Ebenezer’s Coffee House


Overall, Seattle’s Best Coffee is an excellent choice for those who want a delicious cup without spending much money. The coffee is rich and flavorful, and the price is very reasonable. However, if you want something extraordinary, try another brand.

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